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Activities for children (6 to 12 years old) to develop body and mind in a funny way, in their free time.


What if a bus take your son twice a week to have different kinds of activities during the opposite turn of school? What if these experiences are photograph activity in a park, circus class of just a football game? Or more: guided visit to museum, Lego games, cooking classes or playing and running like their parents during childhood? And what if they can socialize with children from different ages? And all of this with just one objective: having fun!


Projeto Recreio PDF icon Projeto Recreio Equipe Ploft.pdf Pitch presentation
Going to the park to test the model Image icon IMG-20160227-WA0007.jpg Customer journey
Business model Image icon _20160228_143314.JPG Business model
Prototype of service - games and plays for kids out of school time Image icon IMG-20160227-WA0005.jpg, Image icon IMG-20160227-WA0004.jpg, Image icon _20160227_192746.JPG, Image icon _20160227_192717.JPG Documentation of prototype