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Promote an experience between people and professionals who wants to learn more about a profession


Creat a net to connect people who intend to meet another profession and have a knowledge exchange, and also give the chance to young people learn more about especific jobs.


Roteiro 2 Image icon IMG_20160227_172209509.jpg Other
Roteiro 2 Image icon IMG_20160227_172209509.jpg Other
Criando roteiro Image icon IMG_20160227_173200698.jpg Other
Pesquisa de campo PDF icon mergulha research.pdf Research data
Cooperando 2 Image icon IMG_20160227_092804552.jpg Other
Cooperando 1 Image icon IMG_20160227_092753196_HDR.jpg Other
Mergulha preview Image icon IMG-20160227-WA0011.jpg Other
Mergulha na coletivo Image icon IMG_20160227_122836468_HDR.jpg Other
Mergulha na rua Image icon IMG_20160227_140947185_HDR.jpg Other
Protótipo Image icon IMG_20160227_162344220.jpg Other
Ancorados Image icon IMG_20160227_165629463.jpg Other
Mergulha - Formô Image icon IMG_20160227_165713737.jpg Other
Mergulha Domingo Image icon IMG-20160228-WA0005.jpeg Other