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Water-relaxation room

Water-relaxation room is a unique place for relaxing on the water and not getting wet


Our project is to create relax oasis room that will serve as: relieving stress and creating a minute of relaxation for people who are always in a hurry, busy and have limited time for such activities.
The room will look like a relaxing pool but it is not a pool! It is created for the people who love water, sound of the splash, floating on the water. But usually you don't want to go to the pool because you don't want to get wet.
Our project will blow your mind - you go to float on the water without getting wet! The main differentiating point is that you don't need to get a swimming suit or any other special preparation - you just come to the relaxation water-room and enjoy your time on the comfy floating "rafts-boats". You have a choice of laying down on the water and listen to the music, use 3D glasses, get a relaxing drink, or watch a quiet aquarium! Such a place to relax and forget all the daily problems!


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