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Visiting interesting unknown places in Klaipeda


Most of people who live in Klaipeda believe that Klaipeda is like a small village because there are no interesting places to visit. We want to proof them by offering three different tours around Klaipeda. The first of tours would be called "Klaipeda from the Top" which would provide an opportunity for sightseeing from such places as Marija's church, roof of Klaipedas hotel and others. Another tour is called "top 5 Secret places left after Soviet union". During this tour citizens would be able to discover such places as Memel Nord battery, theater "Aurora",KGB underground, Klaipeda's gas company, KLASCCO underground. The third tours is about "Holy places in Klaipeda" during this tour people will be able to discover churches that are present and that were functioning in the past, Synagogue, Orthodox and others. The interesting thing about these tours is that they will be led by professional people who have knowledge in themed tours. Tours will be sold for schools, for individuals via such places as, they also will be sold for companys as an option to be a present for personnel.


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