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A drop in the water



Once a year a global event takes place in cities by a harbor. Some chemicals are dropped in the water and the water will turn red if some pollution is detected.

Through an app, citizens can take a picture of their local water. The app will scan the color and send a precise percentage of the pollution of the water. The citizens arr then provided with a list of things that they can do in order to TAKE CARE of their local water. When they tick a 'caring action' they can start seeing that their drop (as everyone of us is infact a 'drop in the water') is turning more and more blue. In this way citizens are ankwoledging that they are proving a clean drop to the water.

Buying products are also awarded with a 'water friendly' mark, in order to allow citizens to buy counciously. Factories as well can carry or not this mark, based on their behaviour towards water.

A huge amount of open data will be then available on how people take care of water. This will allow service companies to map out local and global trends on this issue and design appropriate services to solve problems/improve situations/implement different practices around a whole city or a specific neighborhood.