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Hand in Hand

Building relations through cooking and sharing food


The concept engages and brings expats together to learn about Danish culture through cooking and eating Danish food.
The service facilitates the process of integration to the Danish society by teaching foreigners to cook Danish food and eating together.
Classes bring together between 10 and 20 foreigners at a cooking location in Copenhagen, schools or large kitchens. Here a Dane will welcome and teach participants how to cook a recipe chosen for the occasion. Themes change from event to event but the overall theme is Danish /New Nordic Cuisine.
The ingredients are quality Danish produce delivered by a cooperation supermarket and will be delivered to the venue based on the event.
The service is promoted through the International House in collaboration with Language schools, ‘Copenhagen Volunteer Group’ and the cooperation supermarket that deliver the food.
Tickets can be bought through the Hand’n’Hand app. During and after the event participants can share photos through social media end download the recipe from the app or website. Articles on the particular event can be seen in the supermarkets magazine and newsletters.


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