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Čãøs Group

Find out what is underwater!


See-underwater service for exploring things and history of water areas around town.


Presentation PDF icon Presentation.pdf Pitch presentation
Process documentation Image icon IMG_5160.JPG, Image icon IMG_5162.JPG, Image icon IMG_5163.JPG, Image icon IMG_5164.JPG, Image icon IMG_5165.JPG, Image icon IMG_5166.JPG, Image icon IMG_5168.JPG, Image icon IMG_5173.JPG, Image icon IMG_5175.JPG, Image icon IMG_5176.JPG Other
Short customer journey Image icon 20160227_202227.2.jpg Customer journey
Storyboard Image icon 1456663831812-909354661.jpg, Image icon 145666390914977104158.jpg Other
Business Model Canvas Image icon 20160227_202227.jpg Business model
Physical prototype pictures Image icon 1456663400557728926199.jpg, Image icon 1456663484502-1146657298.jpg, Image icon 1456663530192-1943266338.jpg, Image icon 1456663594990630036064.jpg, Image icon 1456663641324810870008.jpg Insights
Map/ticket when you dont want to use your smartphone Image icon 14566632229151713804597.jpg Documentation of prototype
Mock ups of application Image icon 14566601262402146962957.jpg, Image icon 1456660167806-1947733787.jpg, Image icon 1456660194381-1794149011.jpg, Image icon 1456660212935736606546.jpg, Image icon 14566602291751108419757.jpg Documentation of prototype