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How to make drinking tap water cool

#tap #water #eco


In same countries drinking tap water may be embarrassing. We are trying to change it.


prototype #2 Image icon WP_20160228_14_33_48_Pro_LI.jpg, Image icon WP_20160228_14_32_50_Pro_LI.jpg, Image icon WP_20160228_14_31_30_Pro_LI.jpg, Image icon WP_20160228_14_30_34_Pro_LI.jpg, Image icon WP_20160228_14_30_20_Pro_LI.jpg, Image icon WP_20160228_14_29_30_Pro_LI.jpg, Image icon WP_20160228_14_29_23_Pro_LI.jpg Other
prototype #2 Image icon WP_20160228_14_30_20_Pro_LI.jpg Other
Printable sticker that can work as a label and as a promotional material. PDF icon to print.pdf Documentation of prototype
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prototype #1 Image icon WP_20160228_13_32_07_Pro_LI.jpg Other
insights Image icon WP_20160228_13_26_02_Pro_LI.jpg Insights
Persona Image icon WP_20160228_12_40_38_Pro_LI.jpg Persona
Our smart Wall :) File 20160228_131331.mp4 Other
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Working group Image icon WP_20160228_11_57_23_Pro_LI.jpg Documentation of prototype