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Teaching people how to survive during Whirlpools n' Vortexes.


According to our research in 2045, there will be around four million people dying each year due to Whirlpools. The only way to prevent such catastrophe is education of people that might be in danger, such as sailors, families with kids, adults and single people, and sailors. Sailors especially. And James Cameron. And some strumpets, there are in danger too. And german families. We want to create W.I.R.W. - which roughly translates from polish as "Spinning institute entertainment vortex" (google translate ftw!), super awesome place next to the Czech border. There will be many attractions such as Vortex Disco, Ferris Whirpool, Escape Whirpool and many many more!


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Jammed at Krakow Puppies Jam.

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