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Children's nightmare on the swimming pool

Trying to win with children's swimming trauma


Many children are afraid of water and going to the swimming pool. The research showed that they are mostly bored and afraid of instructors / tutors. We obligated to change that. We figured out that attractive accessories can solve this problem. They will help children to have fun and forgot about their nightmare. We created waterproof 3D puzzles. They will be colourful, light, soft, not sleepy. Puzzles will float on water but children will be also able to put it under the water. Each puzzle will contain special handles that will enable children to catch it and use in many ways. They will be two types of puzzles - one type will contain of the same puzzles, they will be used during individual lessons by each child. The second type will contain of different puzzles that will enable children to create many objects like boats, mazes and so on.


Prototype Image icon image.jpg Documentation of prototype
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