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It never rains but it pours - JAM, Jazzy Audio Mobile Application

blind , visually impaired , university campus , the future development of the senses , integration


our idea is to make easier studing at the university for blind people. we see that people with this disfunction resign your academic career because our architecture systems are not construct properly for them. so that we create an app for mobiles and virtual and real model of our building for them



JAM - Jazzy Audio Mobile Application Image icon JMA_Fotor_Collage.jpg, Image icon life with jam1.jpg, Image icon life without jam1.jpg Documentation of prototype
our work and fun Image icon 00_KSJ.jpg, Image icon 1_KSJ.jpg, Image icon 2_KSJ.jpg, Image icon 3_KSJ.jpg, Image icon 4_KSJ.jpg, Image icon 5_KSJ.jpg, Image icon 6_KSJ.jpg Other