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Solutions for dehydrated people from Katowice


We indentified the problem that people sometimes do not have a possibility to drink enough water. It has a huge impact on their health, well-being and productivity. We discovered that there aren't enough water sources in the city so we decided to create a revolutionary solution ;) The aim of our project is to provide high-quality drinking water in the public space of Katowice.


plant growing File Video_20160228151619741_by_videoshow.mp4 Other
prototype constructing Image icon 20160228_121126.jpg, Image icon 20160228_103401.jpg, Image icon 20160228_121120.jpg Other
testing the prototyope Image icon 20160228_124837.jpg, Image icon 20160228_125728.jpg, Image icon 20160228_130806.jpg Other
results analysis Image icon 20160228_121504.jpg, Image icon 20160228_121557.jpg, Image icon 20160228_121621.jpg, Image icon 20160227_104726.jpg, Image icon 20160227_152602.jpg Research data
Features of the project File Our solution.docx Documentation of prototype