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You feel like you are missing out but, believe us, you are not


Technology and media have splash into our lives giving us the chance to connect and receive a massive load of information every minute.

How do we manage this information, how we manage the big amount of potential opportunities we are "splashed" with? How we decide on just one of them without the fear of missing out?

We have to readjust our habits, create new rituals to be able to reattach with reality and value and enjoy the current moment without regret.

We propose some features capable of helping the user adapt and use social media and be happy at the same time. Possible?


Do your own flip-jar! Image icon Unavngivet.png Documentation of prototype
Final prototype Image icon CYMERA_20160228_144815_copy_1456667320587.jpg, Image icon CYMERA_20160228_141526.jpg Other
final prototype Image icon 2016-02-28 13.57.16.jpg, Image icon 2016-02-28 13.57.48 (1).jpg, Image icon 2016-02-28 13.58.09 (1).jpg Documentation of prototype
Overview Image icon Overview Map.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
1st prototype Image icon First prototype.jpg, Image icon First prototype_should I not.jpg, Image icon First prototype_should I.jpg Other
Questioning Image icon Define the problem.jpg, Image icon Finding the focus.jpg, Image icon Research.jpg Research data
Final Idea Image icon Final idea_FoMO.jpg Other
Voting Image icon Voting ideas with our heart.jpg Other
Brainstorming Image icon Group Brainstorming- linking ideas.jpg Other