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Beirut Service Jam goes to Bar Elias

The work of Syrian Youth


This collection of projects was created by 33 Syrian kids between the ages of 11 and 15 using a design thinking methodology.
Based on this year's global theme they started by selecting a problem from their environment and expressing their ideas in drawings. After a quick vote in each team they were asked to draw all the people involved in the problem space and create a simplified stakeholder map. Using a super power of their choice they were to introduce a change in their initial problem space and suggest a solution.
Once they had the first draft of their solution, each team created a storyboard and then filmed a short video in 3 frames to express their idea.
The Jam was meant to teach them to look at their problems from a new perspective while learning to express themselves, work in teams and have fun!

For the Beirut Service Jam team it was a humbling and extraordinary experience to interact with the kids of the Bar Elias School. We hope we were able to bring some positive light i return!


Group 1 story + solution File group1.m4v Documentation of prototype
Group 2 story + solution File Group2.m4v Documentation of prototype
Group 3 story + solution File Group3.m4v Documentation of prototype
Group 4 story + solution File Group4.m4v Documentation of prototype
Building small models to showcase their solution Image icon IMG_3212.JPG Documentation of prototype
All the actors that were involved in the problem space, mapped out together. Image icon IMG_3176.JPG Stakeholder map
Initial problem: when it rains the infrastructure does not channel water properly! Image icon IMG_3162.JPG Research data
Initial drawings of the problem space, the water well is polluted! Image icon IMG_3152.JPG Research data