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Let's Frog

Boost your mood


Imagine a mobile application that can boost your mood. "Let's Frog" does it.

Every morning "Let's Frog" suggests you two images and two sentences and you can select your mood trough emoticons. At this point "Let's Frog" will propose to you three songs according to your emoticon answers.

During the day "Let's Frog" send you some notifications that propose you a song. After the listening, "Let's Frog" will ask you: "How is your mood?" and you can answer with emoticons.

With the last notification, the frog will jump in the water, that's mean that you have completed your daily traing, and you can listen the last song.

There is also a premium version that you can buy in app store.
In this version you have a personal profile page, in which you can save your playlist and listen the songs when you want. On the top of that, you can see and analyze your mood statics and reports.


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