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Women Empowerment Center


Dive Deep is an empowerment centre open to all self-defining women - this includes women of all races, ages, incomes, sizes, education levels, abilities and cultures.
It exists to promote the exchange of experiences, skills and goods and to provide a safe space to share different perspectives on womanhood.

Beyond basic services - a café and shops - Dive Deep works on a membership basis with which you can dive deeper in the service offer.
“Plus”, “Pro” and “Dive Deep” memberships give access to workshops, a swapping service, space to sell your products, and space to organise business or educational events.


This is Nadia. She is a transgender woman.
She hasn’t come out yet.

She wants to acquire clothes that match her gender, but she does not feel safe to go shopping and she has little money.

Yet, she has a lot of masculine clothes that she would happily swap for feminine clothes.

At her trans women support group, Nadia is told that Dive Deep provides a swapping service.

After checking out Dive Deep’s website and seeing what is on offer, Nadia visits Dive Deep and finds a wall of members displaying their stories and contact details. She can relate to some of these people’s experiences. However, she is not ready to have a public profile.

Nadia pays a small membership fee and enters Dive Deep as an anonymous “plus” member. She brings in a bag of clothes. For each item she is asked to write a little story; all of her stories are anonymous.

Nadia swaps a men’s coat for a blouse.

On her way out, Nadia picks up a Dive Deep workshop programme. She finds that there is a sewing class on offer; she enrolls.

A couple months later, Nadia upgrades her membership to “pro” and starts selling her line of gender neutral clothing.

The clothing line is successful; Nadia achieves economic autonomy and feels safe to come out to her family.

She turns her membership from anonymous to public: the stories associated to her clothes are no longer anonymous, and her contact details are on the card on each item she swaps or sells.

Nadia receives a call from Alice. Alice is a fashion enthusiast. Nadia and Alice make friends and then become coworkers. To grow their business, however, they need more people!

Nadia and Alice launch a series of clothes design workshops at Dive Deep. Soon they gather enough collaborators to produce a whole range of gender neutral garments, tailored to different body types.

Nadia and Alice finally rent working space at Dive Deep, and continue empowering women through their workshops while running a successful business.


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