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If I Were

Immerse yourself in a new life experience.


"If I were" is an online service based on a platform that enables people to immerse themselves in new experiences. They will find an incredible catalogue of experiences ranging from cooking to farming, drawing, playing in a band, training a team ... Professionals from a variety of fields will post their availability to let individuals experience a new life for just one day or a week. At the end of the immersive experience:
people looking for will emerge empowered and professionals will improve their mentoring and storytelling abilities.

One night John is watching "Master chef" on TV and he feels like trying a new profession, he wants to become a chef. Surfing on Google he discovers "If I were". He starts exploring the different cooking experiences offered on the site. He finds that "Mamma Rosa" offers an immersive experience in an Italian restaurant near where he lives. After a brief chat with Rosa he decides that's just what he's looking for and books a one day experience at that restaurant for the following week. After paying for the service he gets an experience kit that "Mamma Rosa" prepares for him.
After 7 days it's time for John to show up at "Mamma Rosa" and start his experience, it will be a tough one, he will feel the pressure of a real restaurant kitchen but he will also master the tricks of the trade.
At the end the platform will ask John to post his feedback and share it with others.
John is so satisfied that decides to offer on the platform his deep experience as postal clerk!


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