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Offering experiences for (non)disabled people together


Starting from inclusion as our search-field, our idea is to connect nondisabled and disabled people through activities. With support the disabled can experience completely new activities they weren't able to do before. To promote and offer the service we use all kind of channels to set it up barrier-free. So we ensure everyone can enjoy a great experience and make new friends. To create empathy for the various needs of disabled people, we offer low-threshold activities with simulations of different handicaps for non-disabled together with people are challenged by the handicap.

To promote the service we use a qr-code chase in the urban area to guide the people in a playful way to a temporary test the service before they book it.


Thanks a million Robertta for guiding us through the process and filming our interaction!


Customer Journey of a nondisabled and a disabled person Image icon Foto 27.02.16, 12 22 01.jpg Customer journey
Service Idea Image icon Foto 27.02.16, 10 20 42.jpg Other
Discovering the topic Image icon Foto 27.02.16, 10 20 31.jpg Other