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Re(Source) T2T platform

Design the education you want


In order to improve education we should improve education providers.
We need a place where teachers and schools:
- search for teaching opportunities around the world
- connect to teaching opportunities around the world
- discuss teaching opportunities with other teachers and schools
- provide help to other teachers around the world.
We can create a database:
- Schools around the world that have the interest to enlarge their teaching portfolio and student options and have possibility to receive /send teachers from/to another geographic area
- Profiles of teachers from around the world that are interested in the possibility to improving their teaching skills, gain new experiences, new teaching tools and new ideas and to be informed and be exposed to different education systems
And let them connect.
T2T is an online platform that connects teachers that what to broaden their teaching and personal horizons to schools that want to enlarge their teaching portfolio.
We co-create an open a channel for designing the education you want and to be an agent of change