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Use your energy


We all use a lot of electronic devices that need to be recharged - phones, tablets, laptops. Mostly, we dont take chargers with us or it is hard to find the right place to plug into electric network.
b.nergy is a small device that allows you to forget about taking chargers with yourself. Modern nanotechnology allows us to convert energy produced by our bodies into electricity. Why not make it now a part of our everyday lives?

It's a small, easy to use high-tech patch. It's ecofriendly and you can use it whenever you need. Just stick it to your body and charge it by your everyday activity - whatever you physically do.

How to use it:
1. Stick b.nergy patch to your skin
2. Charge it with your body heat
3. When it's ready to use, b.nergy changes its color.
4. Now stick it to the back of your device and b.nergy will start charging it.
5. Reuse it later. That's all :)


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