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Power Garden

The best place for power nap!


We know that people are the heart and soul of your company and you put effort and invested time to find the best people. That’s why we support you in taking care of your employees.

We know that companies around the globe are struggling with the challenge how to keep commitment, involvement and efficiency of the employees in the long term perspective.

Environmentally responsible behavior is an essential part of our philosophy and we continually recognize that this contributes strongly to your long-term company success.

We are proud and happy being part of your company values,success and every day work.

Relax, just let us take care of your employees by tailoring a green relax lounge that suits you.

We design a stunning, cost effective, unique place that will give you a warm, comfortable, professional and inspiring part of your working environment.

Having in mind that every company is different we give you multiple options to choose from. You benefit from our expertise, holistic, complex and customized solution.

The Power Garden solution is an exceptional experience for the body and mind. It gives the stress-relieving feeling, helps to recharge and relaxes the tensed muscles.

Surrounded by the beautiful, green and powerful plants, balanced temperature and light, quiet and …just like in the nature

You don’t even have to care about the fact that actually you are still at work. We built in an alarm clock, which gently reminds its time to get the things done. Now, after a power-nap you’re ready for even bigger challenges!

Once you have made a decision we take care of the construction,delivery and installation.


Pics of persona, value map and prototype Image icon FullSizeRender.jpg, Image icon IMG_2545.JPG, Image icon IMG_2557.JPG, Image icon IMG_2569.JPG, Image icon IMG_2682.JPG Documentation of prototype