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A tablet that overcomes digital divide.


Splash is a specially designed tablet which comes to you with the intelligent software, which purpose is to teach a non-tech people basic principles of the technology.

It’s an easy to use tool with a friendly interface. You will definitely fall in love with it!

Over time Splash will be also teaching itself and with your progress it will be unlocking more and more complex functionalities. You advance - it advance!

After using Splash you will be able to send an e-mail, make an online purchases, manage your bank account and many more! You will become a self-efficient user of the newest tech and you will throw away all of your complexes!



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5 Why - problem: digital divide Image icon 5why.jpg Other
Ordering Splash and first using Image icon service_blueprint.jpg Service blueprint
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Tom Kowalski, 54 years old. Tom runs a small, but successful company. He likes gadgets, but he doesn't know how to use them in effective way. Tom doesn't trust online payments neither e-shopping. Image icon persona_tom.jpg Persona