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Crazy, demented lost and found

Are you taking care of a person with dementia? We can improve your and your patient's life.


Our service offers a stress relief system for patients with dementia.

A service works the folowing way:
1. Our consultant gathers the data on the dementia patient (interviews family and friends about his life, gathers audio/video/photo/phisical materials).
2. Processing gathered information and selects the most efficient triggers for this person - something that triggers positive emotions in the patient (sounds, photos, videos).
2. Testing these material in real life.
3. Based on the testing, implement the best material into the smart watch (recognizes feelings) and smart device (plays the material).
3. Helping improve life with this.


Smart device recieving data from the watch and automaticaly activating sound, video, pictures and sending out notifications to the carer. Image icon 20160228_165731.jpg Documentation of prototype
Emotion tracking and location tracking device Image icon 20160228_165718.jpg Documentation of prototype
Text part 4 Image icon 20160228_165500.jpg Pitch presentation
Granny happy v2 Image icon 20160228_165356.jpg Persona
Granny happy Image icon 20160228_165339.jpg Persona
Granny sad Image icon 20160228_165318.jpg Persona
Before, then, after. Image icon 20160228_165202.jpg Customer journey
Text part 3 Image icon 20160228_150047.jpg Pitch presentation
Text part 2 Image icon 20160228_150012.jpg Pitch presentation
Text part 1 Image icon 20160228_145958.jpg Pitch presentation
Pitch for concept testing Image icon IMGP5160.JPG Pitch presentation
Research feedback based on out presented solution Image icon IMGP5159.JPG Research data
Customer interviewing 2 Image icon IMGP5155.JPG Other
Customer interviewing Image icon IMGP5153.JPG Other
Notes on customer of profesionals interview Image icon CAM02113.jpg Research data
Ideas for a solution Image icon CAM02112.jpg Documentation of prototype
First problem asumption Image icon CAM02111.jpg Documentation of prototype
How the user is experiancing the problem. bigger Image icon CAM02110.jpg Insights
Dementia patient Image icon CAM02109.jpg Persona
Our problem and stakeholder Image icon CAM02108.jpg Persona
How the user is experiancing the problem. Image icon CAM02100.jpg Pitch presentation