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Solving the lack of learning interest for teenagers


"Knowledge seed" service created interactive learning boxes on different school subjects, to assist teachers in linking theory to practice.
Our starting point was that school systems are slow in adapting to new technologies, and are reluctant to change to better fit to diverse and ever-evolving interests of young people.
What if we could design service for schools that would bring back the interest of pupils and textbooks?
Our research showed that pupils find classes boring, non-stimulative for learning, and disconnected to practical knowledge.
We came up with the idea of creating custom designed "learning boxes" - containing interactive teaching materials that link lessons to practice through experiments. Knowledge seed boxes are designed to suit to each grade, and subject.


Pitch presentation PDF icon Knowledge seeds.pdf Pitch presentation
Preparing story and props for pitch presentation Image icon 1456665244051.jpg, Image icon 1456665264557.jpg Pitch presentation
Actions and touch points for schools Image icon IMAG2573.jpg Customer journey
Testing our challenge box with potential users Image icon IMG_20160228_113504_2.jpg Insights
Prototyping a Challenge box - a package with a props for experiments Image icon IMAG2545.jpg, Image icon IMG_20160228_105548.jpg, Image icon IMAG2558.jpg Documentation of prototype
First generated ideas Image icon IMAG2502.jpg, Image icon IMAG2509.jpg Other
Teenager, footballer, thinks learning is boring, disconnected with nature, likes video games, doesn't like authority Image icon IMAG2544.jpg Persona