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What if we can save a problem of organising adventurous vacation for career people?


Lots of time happens that people who work a lot, don't plan their vocation in details. Ljubljana is a city where tourists spend two nights on average. This means they are doing short 2-3 hours long trips. This is why we want to make this 2-3 hours their best experience. We will take you around classic routs around the city and it's landmarks. During that time you will be faced with tiny little tasks, which will make this trip more fun. And guess what... If you complete the challenge there is a surprise waiting for you. ;)


Customer journey Image icon IMG_20160228_135101.jpg Customer journey
Customer journey Image icon IMG_20160228_135107.jpg Customer journey
Group Image icon IMG_3127.JPG Other
Testing our prototype with potential users Image icon IMG_3117.JPG Customer journey
Testing our prototype Image icon IMG_3114.JPG Customer journey
Redefining our problem Image icon 5.jpg Other
Getting insights from potential users Image icon 4.jpg Insights
Getting out of the building - interviewing our potential users about their past experiences Image icon 3.jpg Insights
Preparing props for our problem presentation. Image icon 2.jpg Other
Defining our user. Image icon 1.jpg Persona