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Bonus Drop

Do you wanna know how IoT can change your water consumption pattern?


Imagine all of water outputs in your home is equipped with a digital flow meter which sends signals to a central router. And there is a processor which can process each data.
These data are sent to the local operator. The local operator gather all the data of water consumption and manage them.
You as a member of your home have a smart phone and just need to install the "bonus-drop" application and after logging into your home account, you will be able to consider every single drop of water that is consumed at your home. Furthermore you can have access to the data of average consumption of consumers in your home local and compare yourself with others.
This isn't the end of story!
We compare your average daily water consumption per person during each month,with the average of your local. If you had consumed less water than local average, you receive a bonus, other than, you will be given a penalty!
What else?
Have you ever thought about how will be the future of your home town without water? In "bonus-drop" we will show you a snapshot of future based on your current rate of consumption, so you can decide with more responsibility about how much water you're going to use today!


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