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Hotty Tent- feel free and camp

relax with fragrance and go camping!


We are all under a highly pressured society that people are easily to get nervous. In order to have a more healthier life, we want to introduce you our new concept- The Hotty Tent.
We just want to provide a private and easy-to-go product that gives people an relaxing environment and use it anytime, anywhere.
Besides,based on the studies, people are easily get relaxed with the smooth and delighted smell.
So we add in the fragrant stickers on the inner layer of the tent. We also notice that the low birth-rate has became a big issue for many developed countries. So under the smooth atmosphere,women are easy to be fertilizated.
After use:
The pregnant woman can upload their body temperature and the experience of using the product onto the official website. Those who are willing to share their pregnant data, may give the conmunity a positive media effect, and encourage more people to get close to netural.
Besides, the smell of the essential oil can combine with the psychological tharapy that may help urbanites who want to release their stress temperary.


Be Relax. PDF icon Tainan_Service_Jam-Be-Relax.pdf Pitch presentation