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Be positive

Lifestyle Improvement


A lifestyle service to promote positive personal health.


Video of walk through File large.mp4 Documentation of prototype
Website 3 Image icon Website3.JPG Documentation of prototype
Website 2 Image icon Website2.JPG Documentation of prototype
Website Page 1 Image icon Website1.JPG Documentation of prototype
Magazine Inside Image icon BetterTogetherInside.JPG Documentation of prototype
Magazine Cover Image icon BetterTogetherCover.JPG Documentation of prototype
Story Board Image icon Story Board.JPG Other
Form Image icon Form.JPG Other
Joan's Journey Image icon Customer journey.JPG Customer journey
Danny Image icon Danny Persona.JPG Persona
Abdul Image icon Abdul Persona.JPG Persona
Bernadette Image icon Bernadette Persona.JPG Persona
Joan Image icon Joan Persona.JPG Persona
Inspiration Image icon Description.JPG Other
Inital ideas Image icon Initail ideas.JPG Other
Initial Brainstorm Image icon Brainstorm.JPG Insights
Jammed at Leeds Service Jam.

Team members