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Divine water

Reduce the use of bottled water


Britain consumes 3bn litres of bottled water per year, and seven litres of water are required to manufacture a single 1l volume disposable plastic bottle. Research has claimed that drinking a bottle of water has the same impact on the environment as driving 1km in a car.

We aim to reduce people's consumption of bottled water by highlighting where people can get tap water for free (in their own container).


Using the service File UsingTheApp.m4v Customer journey
Using the service Movie icon Customer journey
Rationale of Divine Water for stakeholders PDF icon Divine Water Rationale.pdf Stakeholder map
Lego prototype PDF icon Lego storyboard.pdf Documentation of prototype
User research PDF icon Divine water user research.pdf Research data
Acting out Scenario File ActingOutSmall.m4v Other
Acting out - Photos PDF icon ActingOutScenario_Chars.pdf Other
Customer Journey Image icon CustomerJourney.JPG Customer journey
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Sketch of a few ideas Image icon Sketches.JPG Customer journey
Prototype Screens PDF icon Divine Water.pdf Documentation of prototype