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Tiger Shark

Looking at how the community can support homeless people in Wellington


We found four themes (4Cs) from interviews with people:

Community - how the community provides services to support homeless people and the communities in which they live

Complexity - homelessness is complex and people have different stories and experiences

Change - people on the street wanting to get work and change their situations are struggling with history

Chance - homeless people just want a chance

Using the insights we gathered from people living on the street we found that in Wellington there is a need for having a secure space to store stuff.

We developed StreetStow - a community of lockers that are a safe and secure space for homeless people to store their things.

Key features of StreetStow include:
Solar panel for power
Phone charging
Thumbprint entry
Leadership provided by the users
Space for bedding
Space for keeping clothes neat
Postal address with mail slot

Some of the videos we have made along the way:
* Our initial research findings -
* Our initial prototype -


small figure play Movie icon trim.8EEFBBC0-085D-4F8E-ACB3-0C870A30F201.MOV Pitch presentation
presentation of the prototype Movie icon trim.6E8A3D24-354D-49ED-9E6E-A82BB48916BB.MOV Pitch presentation
A draft business model canvas for Street Stow Image icon IMG_8896.JPG Business model
first prototype Movie icon Pitch presentation
We have a name! 'Street Stow' Image icon 20160228_134421.jpg, Image icon 20160228_134417.jpg Other
Customer getting a locker Image icon 1456610863862-1355084029.jpg Customer journey
Building the prototype Image icon IMG_20160228_101211350.jpg Documentation of prototype
TigerShark's team chant Movie icon IMG_0649.MOV Other
We going out for research for the prototype Image icon O28A4864.jpg, Image icon O28A4856.jpg, Image icon O28A4880.jpg, Image icon O28A4874.jpg Research data
Prototype research Image icon O28A4877.jpg, Image icon O28A4880.jpg Research data
Idea brainstorm Image icon IMG_20160227_150734810_HDR.jpg Other
Initial Post-it's leading to our problem Image icon 20160227_085456.jpg Insights