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Run Away & Join The Circus

Tackling the drudgery of all-day-everyday


An attempt to reconcile real-life with the lives we fall into. A way to maintain humanity in the gaps between work-eat-sleep-repeat


Donna, Naomi, Brit & Troy


Yes year tickets Image icon image1.JPG Pitch presentation
Team photo Image icon IMG_3935.JPG Other
Website Prototype Image icon Website-Prototype-whatisit.png, Image icon Website-Prototype-gettinginonit.png Pitch presentation
Challenge cards Image icon image.jpg Documentation of prototype
Questions for testing prototype File Prototyping questions – Saturday afternoon.docx Documentation of prototype
#yesyear Image icon 12498442_1105420552843204_421005477_n.jpg, Image icon 12767680_1105420539509872_413450046_n.jpg, Image icon 12782280_1105420562843203_36299107_n.jpg, Image icon 12788056_1105420536176539_981303792_n.jpg Documentation of prototype
Our thoughts and feelings Image icon Collage.png Customer journey
Questions for the field Plain text icon questions.txt Other