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Face it

Face it


Taking the fear out of dying and preparing for the inevitable.
Face it, we're all going sometime~~~~ morphed into...

A party kit~~~ morphed into....

"LOVE IN A BOX!" A time capsule gift for the loved one(s) in your life to share memories, feelings and thoughts for times when you might not be around.


Final touches Image icon image.jpg Other
Love in a Box! Suki and the Protytpe Image icon image.jpg Documentation of prototype
Love in a Box2 Image icon 20160228_141411.jpg Insights
Love in a Box Image icon 20160228_140913.jpg Insights
Video of Suki explaining the Love in a Box memory gift. Movie icon trim.1463C725-085D-48DB-BF52-7F247C0C14E9.MOV Documentation of prototype
Prototype Image icon IMG_1228.JPG, Image icon IMG_1229.JPG, Image icon IMG_1230.JPG, Image icon IMG_1231.JPG Documentation of prototype
Time capsule party box Image icon File_00.jpg, Image icon File_00-2.jpg Documentation of prototype
Games & quiz documentation Image icon File_000.jpg, Image icon File_000(2).jpg, Image icon File_000(3).jpg Documentation of prototype
Solutions on axis & dot vote Image icon File_000.jpg, Image icon File_000-2.jpg Other
Process post-its Image icon File_000.jpg, Image icon File_000(2).jpg, Image icon File_000(3).jpg Other
Face lift Image icon 20160227_124832.jpg Insights
Insights from interview Image icon IMG_0016.JPG Insights
Dan, the 27 yo who has not thought much about death Image icon IMG_0015.JPG Persona
team forming night Image icon IMG_0012.JPG Other