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We steel believe

An immersive experience on jobs from the industrial era


Constraints we had: "splash", "tourism", "cast iron".
Problem: re-qualifying ex-industrial urban areas
Solution: leveraging working cultures and skills from past jobs to attract tourists interested in learning experiences.

Is a service that allow tourists to discover an ex-industrial area (specifically a dismissed factory) trough an authentic experience living in close contact with moulder that can share the knowledge of the place.

How? The tourist discover and live an immersive experience which is practical and educational.
The tourist discover about the service trough both web-site/app and off line physical evidence.
He choose between three different experiences, books it and reach the starting point. The visit starts with a guided tour. The ex worker speaks about his experience transferring his technical knowledge and life history. The tour carry on with a safe and dynamic interactive workshop learning by doing. The tourist build a small and personalized object that will be part of exhibition.

The real value of "We steel believe" is to redevelop the internal space through the
transfer of knowledge that would otherwise be lost.

Altro: Noi vogliamo dare l'opportunità al cittadino di far scoprire al turista le aree ex industriali della propria zona attraverso delle attività pratiche legate all'identità del territorio.
Il degrado diffuso porta a una perdita di identità. È quindi un problema per la persona. Noi la possiamo aiutare a riscoprire la propria area e a promuoverla verso altri. In questo modo cerchiamo di invertire la dinamica e contrastare il degrado.