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An eco-friendly e-ticket system for public transportation


YOLO is a user friendly e-ticketing system for public transportation designed in order to replace the existing physical ticket system.

YOLO aims in reducing the number of cars in Athens and provide both economical and environmental incentives for citizens so as to use public transportation more.

Some of its features include:
- charging users according to the distance they have traveled
- providing information regarding the environmental impact of each user while using public transportation instead of cars
- providing motives for companies to urge their employees to use public transportation while going to work


Presenting the project! Image icon 20160228_175407.jpg Other
Testing prototypes with users_2 Image icon 20160228_121712.jpg Documentation of prototype
Testing prototypes with users Image icon CcSu4UtW0AAP_Su.jpg Documentation of prototype
Application's screens Image icon 20160227_171302.jpg Documentation of prototype
Mind-mapping what we know and don't know about the problem Image icon CcNdxFEW4AAzC_s.jpg Research data
Jammed at Athens Service Jam.

Team members