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Blind navigation service in Technopolis Gazi


Technopolis was once a factory but now is an Industrial Museum of Gasworks. A cultural center which hosts art exhibitions, concerts, coffee places, playgrounds and also facilitates a radio station.

Our aim is to create a navigation oriented service for blind people, since the facilities don't have the proper requirements, in order to be accessible by all people with special needs.

As the visitor arrives, we provide him a set of headphones and a sensor bracelet.

Each time he approaches an access point, the bracelet vibrates and if the user wants to hear a recorded message, he can push the button upon the bracelet to be informed about where he is placed. This is also used if he needs directions (whether to go right or left) in order to arrive at the building of his interest.

This way he can help himself walk independently and have a safe and integrated experience.


Storyboard from the entrance to the destination Image icon DSC03989.JPG Other
Technology prototypes Image icon DSC03988.JPG Other
Difficult path (critical point) Image icon DSC03944.JPG Research data
Roadmap pt 2 Image icon DSC03964.JPG Implementation plan or roadmap
Prototype testing plan Image icon DSC03961.JPG Other
Our concept (concept card) Image icon DSC03985.JPG Pitch presentation
Mindmap-Method Image icon DSC03987.JPG Documentation of prototype
Our two personas Image icon DSC03984.JPG Persona