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Refugees - how can the people of Dundee help

How can Dundee support refugees


1. How can Dundee service designers and the people of Dundee welcome refugees to "Dundee the Caring City"? How can we "Design" a safe haven for people displaced by war and famine.

2. At the same time , how can we Design an inclusive environment in Dundee that provides the same level of caring for our own people suffering the consequences of our unequal Dundee society.


Customer journey 4 Image icon image.jpeg Customer journey
Customer journey 3 Image icon image.jpeg Customer journey
Business model Image icon image.jpeg Business model
Story board of user experience Image icon DSC_2853.JPG Customer journey
Presentations (with video) Keynote and PPT File GSJDundee - Refugee Solution.key, File GSJDundee - Refugee Solution.pptx Pitch presentation
Video Introduction and Background File GSJ LUCY Outro.mp4, File GSJ ROD Intro.mp4 Pitch presentation
Final Service Pitch PDF icon GSJDundee - Refugee Solution.pdf Pitch presentation
Customer journey 2 Image icon image.jpeg Customer journey
Customer journey Image icon image.jpeg Customer journey
Prototyping 1st iterations Image icon IMG_3750.jpg, Image icon IMG_3751.jpg, Image icon IMG_3752.jpg, Image icon IMG_3749.jpg Documentation of prototype
Field Research Interactions Image icon IMG_3734.jpg, Image icon IMG_3731.jpg, Image icon IMG_3755.jpg Insights
Personas Image icon IMG_3753.jpg, Image icon IMG_3754.jpg Persona
Insights of field research Image icon IMG_3745.jpg Insights
starting to prototype - multiple uses of duvets, ways to integrate, connect culturally using materials, textiles, art and music. How can we integrate the passions of our cultures Image icon IMG_2422.JPG Documentation of prototype