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Urban Rainwater

Rain rain come to stay!


Converting collected rainwater for consumption...


final presentation deck File Make it Rain.pptx Pitch presentation
final prototype before the pitch Image icon 20160228_142659.jpg Documentation of prototype
Video display within prototype File Video Display_v2.pptx Documentation of prototype
Testing with our Peers Image icon 20160228_142021.jpg Insights
presentation deck File Make it Rain.pptx Pitch presentation
Creativity in progress Image icon 20160228_122050.jpg Insights
Data Meets Prototype Image icon 20160227_175041.jpg Research data
Wall of notes Image icon 20160227_175014.jpg Research data
Water filtration system mock-up Image icon IMG_2004.JPG Documentation of prototype
Team member prototype visions Image icon IMG_0101.JPG Documentation of prototype
Brainstorming Notes Image icon IMG_0105.JPG Documentation of prototype
Team Photo! Image icon 20160227_125948.jpg Persona
first take Image icon FullSizeRender.jpg Documentation of prototype