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Job-Frog: Hop into a new pond!


Whether you love or hate your current job - explore new possibilities to prevent feelings of entrapment and burnout, and most importantly, to have fun!


Presenting...Job-Frog! Image icon 20160228_143812.jpg, Image icon 20160228_143731.jpg, Image icon 20160228_143745.jpg, Image icon 20160228_143636 (1).jpg Documentation of prototype
Prototypes - Take 1 Image icon 20160227_202755.jpg, Image icon 20160227_210514.jpg, Image icon 20160227_211323.jpg Documentation of prototype
Overview of Project Ideas Image icon 20160226_214339.jpg, Image icon 20160226_214432.jpg Documentation of prototype
Jammed at DC Service Jam.

Team members