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Trash collection from water (rives, lakes etc)


Presentation Office presentation icon AquaSmile_Jam_14_30_.ppt Pitch presentation
paat Image icon 2016_02_27_team_aquasmile_paat_03.jpg Documentation of prototype
Prototype Image icon IMG_20160227_184449_hdr.jpg Documentation of prototype
Business canvas Image icon IMG_20160227_190625.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
Drawing Image icon IMG_20160227_183204.jpg Other
Interview info Image icon IMG_20160227_182315.jpg Research data
Meeting people Image icon IMG_20160227_155141.jpg Customer journey
Meeting people Image icon IMG_20160227_154509.jpg Customer journey
Peocess Image icon IMG_20160227_145335.jpg Insights
Process Image icon IMG_20160227_145331.jpg Insights
Start of journey Image icon IMG_20160226_212302.jpg Insights