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Açaí Guardiã

Lishow It is a service that intends to change the way that people relate to waste.


Encourage separate collection by bonus and interaction, and to propose awareness and humanization in the act of disposing of waste.


Journey Image icon brain-jornada.jpg Customer journey
Time machine Image icon brain-TimeMachine.jpg Other
Insights Image icon brain-Insights.jpg Insights
research Image icon 2016-02-28 10.38.12.jpg Other
first prototypes Image icon 2016-02-27 18.06.58.jpg, Image icon 2016-02-27 18.06.14.jpg, Image icon 2016-02-27 16.58.22.jpg Documentation of prototype
Lishow: Sistema de reciclagem interativo. Image icon IMG_20160228_145546.jpg Documentation of prototype
Interview script Image icon 20160227_115219.jpg Research data