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Gentileza gera Gentileza

Drop a project to spread the world


Kindness network builded by a points system.
We started from a water drop. A small action can change everything!
We believe that everyone has something meaningful to share.
We believe that this shareable things are valuable.
So, we build a platform to make it happen.


App Movie icon trim.FAC34B1B-6F5F-4DBD-A60E-580E5AB7CC7B.MOV Documentation of prototype
Introducing Movie icon trim.3BF23938-83FF-46AE-AD1F-BCC67A6C27E8.MOV Documentation of prototype
Presentation Image icon image.jpeg Documentation of prototype
Prototype explain Movie icon trim.97BF5C16-B35D-4DF6-B6DA-6B86187B5D6A.MOV Documentation of prototype
Concept Movie icon trim.D374FE4B-F3A7-4DFC-9D10-C1ECF2EC7EFA.MOV Insights
Ideias board Image icon image.jpeg Insights
brainstorming Image icon image.jpeg Other