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Sharing cultural experiences


Want to discover the cultural wonders of the city you live in or that you are visiting?
Find friends with your passion, visit museums and exhibitions with them and join communities of culture geeks!

Use this app to publish and join cultural events


Presentation Image icon Sequenza scene-01.jpg Pitch presentation
App prototype File App Prototype.docx Documentation of prototype
Going in the field Image icon IMG_5047.JPG, Image icon IMG_5049.JPG, Image icon IMG_5050.JPG, Image icon IMG_5051.JPG, Image icon IMG_5052.JPG Documentation of prototype
Prototypization Madness Image icon IMG_5031.JPG, Image icon IMG_5034.JPG, Image icon IMG_5036.JPG, Image icon IMG_5037.JPG Documentation of prototype
Special guests! Image icon IMG_20160227_153143.jpg Stakeholder map
Figuring out what we are doing Image icon IMG_5026.JPG, Image icon IMG_5027.JPG, Image icon IMG_5028.JPG, Image icon IMG_5029.JPG Research data