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Our team kicks dyno butt!


The project considers how to be sustainable consuming coffee. It is especially important in such cities as Vancouver, where coffee is a must every day and you can find coffee shops everywhere. So, our team created a system of reusable mugs, which is using by consumers (they can choose to take a "keep me cup" while ordering a coffee) and then distributing back to the coffee shops.


Pre-final presentation scene 3 File 20160228_115657.mp4 Documentation of prototype
Final pre-presentation scenes 1 and 2 File 20160228_115403.mp4 Documentation of prototype
Prototype test Image icon 20160228_115807.jpg Other
Some final remarks Image icon 20160228_115643.jpg Other
Final Keep Me Cup project map Image icon 20160228_102132.jpg Documentation of prototype
Version 3 Keep me cup project with Dyno :) File 20160227_163552.mp4 Documentation of prototype
Version 2 Keep me project File 20160227_173105.mp4 Documentation of prototype
Version 1 File 20160227_165834.mp4 Documentation of prototype
The whole picture Image icon 20160227_153053.jpg Documentation of prototype
The Value Proposition Canvas Image icon 20160227_153104.jpg Research data
Business model canvas Image icon 20160227_153111.jpg Business model
Feasibility blueprint Image icon 20160227_153117.jpg Service blueprint
Finally "came up to the one denominator", creating one service from two different ideas! :) Image icon 20160227_142350.jpg Service blueprint
"Persona" part selfie :) Image icon IMG_20160227_140709.jpg Persona
Interviewing people around Image icon IMG_20160227_132733.jpg Insights
Working on ideas Image icon 20160227_094101.jpg Service blueprint
Initial brainstorm after splash noise Image icon WIN_20160226_21_14_59_Pro.jpg Other