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Tutti Frutti



The project adresses needs of lonely elderly women living in a big city. We aim to solve the problem of the lack of information and triggers to engage in new activities, so that elderly women have more contact with other people while doing inteesting activities.
The solution is an infopoint about local cultural events. It combines digital posters displayed on a screen and a button, which can be pressed to print a leaflet. The trigger is the possibility to interact (print a leaflet) and an information how many people are interested (inspired by virtual communities).
Testing the prototype has proven, that elderly people uderstood the solution as place for the presentation of posters. From the prototype it wasn't clear, that it would be virtual.
On the print button we wrote "Print an invitation". Testing has proven that people didn't understand, that it was a device to push and the text "print" didn't invite them to press and print.
One of the potential users would be interested to get leaflets in addition to a poster, but still didn't think, that the device would print a leaflet.
The feedback made left us with ideas, how the information could be better presented, ex "take a leaflet" and an arrow pointing at the push button.
Interviewed potential users were interested in the installation of such points at the entrance to blocks offlats, where they read other notices.


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