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Woda sodowa

It's sexy! How to attract young mothers to visit the Wisla river during the whole year


We have recognised Wisla river is not used by Warsaw-based families once the summer is over. We're working on how to attract young time-limited mothers with Wisla surroundings so they will go there more often with their families at ease. The aim is to make them feel they don't have to plan too much and it's spontaneous also during the winter.


Mock for user tests Image icon IMG_1052.JPG Research data
Stop and warm yourself up pavilion Image icon IMG_1056.JPG Documentation of prototype
Walking and bike only bridge - part of the path Image icon IMG_1059.JPG Service blueprint
Idea generation Image icon IMG_1024.JPG Other
Team photo Image icon IMG_1041.JPG Other
La stakeholder map :) Image icon IMG_1031.JPG Stakeholder map
Photo of area to be revitalised Image icon IMG_3139.JPG Documentation of prototype
Gosia - our persona Image icon IMG_1033.JPG Persona
Topic Image icon IMG_1039.JPG Other