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Get faster access to events and focus on a good time


When a lot of people want to join an event or venue in a short time waiting queues occur. We want to make this situation easier and faster for all involved parties.


Theater-Evening : More Joy File FastForwardTicket.mp4 Pitch presentation
The end is near Image icon DSC_3233.JPG, Image icon DSC_3234.JPG, Image icon DSC_3235.JPG Other
Doing not talking Image icon DSC_3225.JPG, Image icon DSC_3226.JPG, Image icon DSC_3227.JPG, Image icon DSC_3228.JPG, Image icon DSC_3229.JPG, Image icon DSC_3230.JPG, Image icon DSC_3231.JPG, Image icon DSC_3232.JPG Other
Doing not talking Image icon DSC_3223.JPG, Image icon DSC_3224.JPG Other
in the car Image icon IMG_0457.JPG Pitch presentation
In the car Image icon IMG_0455.JPG Pitch presentation
Costumer journey Image icon DSC_3220.JPG Customer journey
Doing not talking Image icon DSC_3217.JPG, Image icon DSC_3218.JPG, Image icon DSC_3219.JPG, Image icon DSC_3221.JPG, Image icon DSC_3222.JPG Documentation of prototype
Touchpoints Image icon DSC_3172.JPG, Image icon DSC_3173.JPG Other
On the road Image icon DSC_3169.JPG Research data
This ticket enables you faster Entry in all stages of the process Image icon IMG_20160227_125116.jpg Documentation of prototype
Playing Image icon IMG_20160227_123655.jpg Other