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Community connect


How might we support people in urban neighbourhoods to connect locally to enhance their mental wellbeing?

Partnering with established organisations like Beyond Blue and local councils to enable and encourage the first interactions within their local community. Through touch points like welcome packs, websites, interactive screens and monthly events.


Website prototype to sign up or log in Image icon todd_has_been_contact3ed.png, Image icon basketball.png, Image icon see_stalls.png, Image icon meet_someone.png, Image icon invite_sent.png, Image icon newbie_day.png, Image icon create_an_account.png, Image icon brunswick.png, Image icon who_we_are_and_what_we_stand_for.png, Image icon create_event_in_your_area.png, Image icon sign_up.png, Image icon your_area.png, Image icon whats_on.png, Image icon home_page.png Customer journey
Newbie presentation, video and poster File Presentation1.pptx, File screeeeen.mp4, Image icon poster.png Pitch presentation
Mental Health & High Density Neighbourhoods - response from Dr Jennifer Kent, UNSW File Mental Health & High Density Neighbourhoods.docx Insights