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Connnecting people with projects in their local community


Lomino is a service that connects people with projects in their local community.
We found that people would like contribute to their community in some way but are unaware of what's going on, due to not being informed, or the information not reaching them in an overcrowded media space.
We also found that people are time poor or feel they are not skilled enough to pull off a big project, and are more comfortable contributing when they know the outcome will be a success.

We are addressing two problems; by increasing awareness of how people can get involved and, showing that just one small task can contribute to a bigger picture. Like a domino effect.


Presentation - video file File VIDEO0047.mp4 Pitch presentation
*Final Lomino pitch document* PDF icon Lumino FINAL.pdf Pitch presentation
*script to accompany the presentation File Lomino.docx Pitch presentation
Video of prototyping presentation Movie icon IMG_5374.MOV Documentation of prototype
Lo|mino Image icon LoMino_logo-01.png Other
Hot or Not Image icon IMG_5350.JPG Research data
Building our paper prototypes Image icon IMAG0921.jpg Documentation of prototype
What does it mean to be a community Image icon IMAG0919.jpg Insights
Working together - to figure out how to get a community to work together Image icon IMAG0920.jpg Other
Prototype number 3 Image icon prototype two.jpg Documentation of prototype
Prototyping workshop - Idea number 2 Image icon Prototype one.jpg Documentation of prototype
What is a civic problem Image icon What is a civic problem, what is the commmunity.jpg Insights
Dichotomy - the challenge of balance Image icon Docotomy.jpg Other
What does it mean? Image icon affintity map.jpg Other