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Empowering city workers to monitor and shift their impact on the environment


We're busy prototyping! brb


Final presentation v2 PDF icon Sustainabilitree v2.pdf Pitch presentation
Day 3 - refining our prototype Image icon prototype 2.JPG Documentation of prototype
Day 2 - evolving our 'how might we' question Image icon Day 2 - our evolving how might we focus question.jpg Other
Day 2 - early sketch - building installation Image icon early sketch.jpg Documentation of prototype
Day 2 - customer roadmap pictures Package icon Day 2 - customer roadmap Implementation plan or roadmap
Day 2 - feedback received from presenting prototype Package icon Day 2 Prototype Documentation of prototype
Day 2 empathy map - tourist Image icon Ideas Step - Empathy Map - Tourist.jpg Persona
Prototype model and storyboarding - where we got to end of Day 2 Image icon Prototype model and storyboard.jpg Documentation of prototype
Empathy Map (early day 2) - exploring city worker and noise Image icon Ideas step - Empathy Map - City Worker.jpg Persona
Narrowing down to a focus from the ideas File Day 2 - Picking an Idea.pptx Other
Process - exploring the how might we Image icon 2a - how might we get important messages so we feel safe.jpg Other
Day 1 - responding to prompt, process. what our collective thoughts were and getting to a how might we. File Day 1 photos - concept to affinity to theme.pptx Other