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What comes out tells a story. We promise it's not gross.


Many people today monitor track their food, their steps and their sleep. Many do not know that their poop provides a lot of information about their health, including 1) Gastro Intestinal disorders, 2) Autoimmune and inflammatory diseases (MS, arthritis), and 3) Mental health (autism, depression) as well as 4) nutrition. We provide a truly balanced picture of your overall health, including the inputs and outputs, visible and invisible.


Journey mapping drafts Image icon FullSizeRender.jpg Customer journey
Prototyping the service with other teams Image icon IMG_4814.JPG Documentation of prototype
Service Safari - So many DIY products! Image icon IMG_4808.JPG Research data
Customer Journeys - Walt and Cathy Image icon IMG_6969.JPG Customer journey
Team Totem Image icon IMG_6967.JPG Other
Mentor Session Image icon IMG_6965.JPG Other
Quantified Self Market Image icon IMG_6963.JPG Persona
5 P's Image icon IMG_6955.JPG Other
5 P's Image icon IMG_6950.JPG Other
Heuristic Exercise Image icon IMG_6935.JPG Other
Backstory Prototype Video Movie icon IMG_6674.MOV Documentation of prototype
Backstory BMC PDF icon Business Model Canvas.pdf Business model